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Hi, David here.

Over the years I've created over a 100 mobile apps for iOS and Android and I loved doing it.

Just like you I only want the best.

For me it's not just about the project but it's actually more about you! I want us to hit it off from the start and if we don't then I will redirect you to another development company.

We have to spend a lot of time working together and I want it to be as amazing as possible for both parties.

If you're looking for someone that will make a decent product then you can leave this page right now. I only do work that will make you and me extremely happy. Users will probably use your app daily. We want that to be an outstanding experience. Nothing else will do.

If you're looking for speed, agility, fun and flexibility you should go for David and if you want big, slow, bureaucratic and boring you can choose any Goliath you want.

12 benefits of us partnering up

  1. Entrepreneurial mindset instead of a 9 to 5 mentality.
  2. Change direction quickly without going through all the channels again and again.
  3. Meaningful meetings that will move the project forward. Not meeting just to meet the meeting quota.
  4. No bureaucratic BS that will slow down the process.
  5. 7 years of app development experience that will overcome any technical or guideline impediment.
  6. Someone who cares about your product and wants it to succeed.
  7. Only get consistent and outstanding work from someone who has entrepreneurial experience as well.
  8. A working app on your iPhone and/ or iPad in no-time.
  9. Full ownership of the source code. Which is less of a risk for the future.
  10. Having another partner on your team instead of a production team member that will only do what they're told.
  11. Skip making beginner mistakes which will save you hours and hours of work. Let me show you the ropes in the app world.
  12. When we submit your app to the App Store you can be sure it will be accepted on the first submission!

So are you ready to build your app empire or what?

Press the button below and lets get this show on the road!

Lets do this together!

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Frequently Asked Questions

But won't this be waaaay to expensive for our startup?

How about...No! Big companies will be a lot more expensive! I have different plans available. The hourly approach for my full fee or I can cut off a percentage of my fee in exchange for a percentage of your company.

But won't it be better to someone working for us as an employee?

Why? First off it's pretty challenging to find an experienced iOS developer that is willing to work for you. I've seen countless companies struggle with this. I went to meetups and I would come across all kinds of startups and they were all looking for the best people they could get. Second it's easier to get rid of me than an employee. You don't need to have to arrange a workspace for me or any equipment. You don't need to expand just yet. Keep that money in your pocket for now and use it once growth is stable or "guaranteed".

Won't it be a problem that you might be in a different timezone?

We can utilise the benefits of it and if we really need to have to discuss things in person we can schedule a call whenever. I don't mind working weird hours. You guys probably aren't working the 9-5 hours either ;)

What happens with the copyright of the code that you produce?

After working with numerous startups I understand that you want full custody of the produced code. So the copyright will be yours.

Are you also available to update our iOS app?

Maybe yes maybe no. If I created the iOS app I will happily help you to get your code and functionality up to date. If not I will have to screen the app first for a small fee. Which is a good investment because I will give you a report of your app that you can also use and take to another app developer. That will save them time to completely look through the app which in turn will save you money.

This report will score the app on several fronts and tell you how good your app is according to Rising Step standards. I will need your app source code and a description of what you want to have updated. Even if it's obvious ;)

Review my iOS app

What payment plans are there?

That's all discussable. Like I said before I am flexible.

What if you don't like us or we don't like you?

Easy! Then we won't go into business together and that's perfectly fine too. Lets not force something that's not there.

What if the project stops for some reason and we have to stop working with you?

You only have to pay me the hours that I worked even if you've paid upfront. I have an abundance of work waiting for me so I can easily switch to another project.

How long do we have to wait to get started with you?

That really depends on how many projects I have scheduled. Just ask me and I will tell you.

Are there any projects you won't work on?

Yes there are! But only projects I really don't believe in or are not according to my personal or professional ethics. I'm pretty openminded so try me!

What else do you need from us?

  • Functional design (with mockups if possible)
  • Resources (images, audio, video, fonts, etc)
  • API documentation
  • Git repo
  • Access to your Apple Developer Account or Apple Enterprise Account
  • App Store information for the app (if you plan on publishing it there)

I received an email from Apple about 64-bit support what do I do?

If you received an email from Apple with the subject "Update your iOS app to support 64-bit". It means that when users upgrade to iOS 11 they will not be able to use your app. Updating your app is required! Contact me and I'll take care of it.

Update my iOS app

Why isn't my question here?

Please send me a message at david@risingstep.com and I'll answer it for you and add it to this list.

Lets do this together!