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Why have your App reviewed?

Apple's guidelines are constantly changing. This means you have to make time to monitor the changes. As an experienced app development agency we are on top of these changing guidelines. We can easily tell you what the status of your app is. So you can use the headspace for more important stuff.

Review after Apple notification

Apple has been sending emails to developers with the subject "Update your iOS app to support 64-bit". We can take a look at your App and tell you what needs to be done to fix this.

Want an update of your app?

If you already know you want an update we have to to establish a baseline to know what our starting point is. This also tells us if the app is updatable. Sometimes frameworks aren't supported anymore and have been abandoned. Let’s make sure you know this before doing anything else.

What do you get?

We can create a report for you so you know how well your App has been developed. And how it works on different devices. This feedback is presented in a useful PDF which contains about 6 pages of information on your App. All different aspects will be rated and when you eventually want to update your App there won't be any surprises. You also receive a Rising Step App Certificate with the overall grade on it. We will update the grade after each update of your App. You can also take the report to another App development company if that is your choice.

If you already have update plans please let us know so we can tell you what it will cost.

Get all this for just € 499 for small to medium sized apps.

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